Seasonal Small Town Living

Burlington VT

I remember vacating during the Summer in Burlington VT , what a great time. What’s not to like…  walkable downtown with great restaurants, located right on Lake Champlain. Visiting Vermont Teddy Bear outlet, Ben and Jerry’s and a short ride up to Stowe Vermont, a ski village with apple cider, cheese shops and scenery all around.

Then I thought out loud…this may be a good place to retire.  Well, I was quickly reminded about the harsh Winters and winds off Lake Champlain. It seems Burlington VT is a great place to visit in the Summer, but not in the Winter.

Spokane WA

Mary Ann and I just spend 9 days in Spokane WA.  We stayed at The Continental Hotel at The Park, Riverfront Park that is.  Located on scenic Spokane River, Riverfront Park is right downtown and easy walking distance to lots of restaurants and the rest of downtown.

Riverfront Park in Spokane WA
Riverfront Park in Spokane WA

We visited Spokane Falls, toured historic Campbell house, and saw there were many  gardens in Spokane Parks.

Walking downtown we found all kinds of neat restaurants, Steelhead Grille was one of our favorites. Main Street Market Food Co-op was another favorite.. kind of a mini Whole Foods run and owned by some cool people. Things were really different than back in our home state of Georgia, but we liked the change.

Again, the Winters could be pretty cold, we were told. A Summer cottage sounds tempting.

Live Part of the Year in a Small Town

Many retirees live part of the year in the Sun Belt states, notably Florida, SC, even Georgia.  But what if you lived in the South and spend some of the Summer in a small town in other parts of the country, like the two I like above.  I really have not heard too much of that happening but it sounds like an idea.

The idea is not new.  Many residents of Atlanta have Summer homes in Cashiers NC and Western NC.  Many times these are weekend homes for people working in the city.  But renting a home in Western NC, Boone NC, Bar Harbour Maine, Portland Oregon, Spokane WA, Jackson Hole WY (expensive), or other places during the Summer, really sounds like a good idea. Being retired, a person could have a seasonal home in a small town in other sections of the country and enjoy the variety.




Towns and Communities in Vermont

I will to going to Burlington VT next week to seek the leaf foliage.   I know Vermont has a lot of small towns that would be a great place to live and would like to visit some.  We plan to do a lot of driving, maybe up hwy 100 and then one day up to the North toward Montreal.

If you know of any good small towns that I could review while in VT, please let me know. If you have retired in VT, let us know where you live and what the area has to offer.

UPDATE:  Well I did visit Vermont and really liked it.  We staying in Burlington and liked everything about it.  It has a University, a great small town for walking, many restaurants, many sites to see like the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, Lake Champlain, and others.  We did Stowe, the ski resort up in the mountains were I took that photo at the top of the post.  Side trips up to Montreal Canada and over to upstate New York were great too.  I see from our site that there are several 55+ communities in Vermont so I need to take another visit.


Vermont is a State Of Small Towns

Stowe VTDid you know that no town or city in Vermont has more than 50,000 population.  That means VT is a whole state of small towns! It is beautiful. Just returned from spending 4 days driving around VT and checking it out. Burlington has the University of Vermont and two other colleges. It has Church Street which is a great place to hang out and visit some nice places to eat. The Vermont Teddy Bear factor is there and not too far away is the original Ben and Jerry’s.  Burlington is located on Lake Champlain which provides some wonderful sunsets!

 Stowe is a mountain resort and this is a photo I took of the main street.  Right up the hwy is the gorgeous mountains and even more so if you visit during the leaf foliage season as I did.

I feeling after spending a few days is that Vermont is an absolute wonderful place to visit. Maybe even to live in during the Summer months.  But everyone I talked with said it gets REALLY COLD.  I bet it does with that wind coming off Lake Champlain.  So I have good memories of my five day visit and really enjoy it.  But I don’t think many people will be retiring there, at least not moving there to retire, because of the cold Winters.

 Any thoughts from anyone familiar with VT?