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Cuero Texas

Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S. Due to this fact; it stands to reason that Texas has a variety of different cities and townships that operate in a variety of ways. The state of Texas has many metropolitan areas that attract hundreds of thousands to millions of inhabitants to the metro area. Texas is also made up of a large number of small, unique towns.

Some small towns in Texas are the epitome of the American experience. Small town living has many advantages, and at the top of the list is the feeling of being one large family. Small towns in Texas often have families who have been in the community for decades or more. It is also easy to get to know new -comers in a small Texas town. If you are looking for a homey, family feeling community, small towns in Texas are a good place to start.

Texas Small Towns To Live

Bandera, TX, located outside of San Antonio is the ultimate small town with around 1,200 citizens. Bandera has a big biker community, so it is not the ordinary sleepy small town without any excitement. San Antonio bikers ride into Bandera every Sunday for brunch. Bandera is only around 40 miles from San Antonio, so if you ever crave a large metropolitan area, San Antonio is less than two hours away. The median income of Bandera is much lower than many places in the U.S. with female citizens making a median income of around $17,000. For those with lower funds, a move to Bandera is certainly sustainable.

One small town that I like in Texas is the town of Brazoria. Brazoria is near the Houston-Sugar Land metropolitan area which houses millions of individuals and nearby shopping and entertainment. Brazoria holds a population of around 3,000 people, which is a much smaller town than many areas in Texas. Part of the appeal of Brazoria, Texas is that the city holds much farm land. Quite a few members of the Brazoria area have farm land that they use to grow crops and raise animals. Farm employment is an important part of Texas history. Brazoria farming and cattle industry employs thousands of people, which makes this small town sustainable. Brazoria also has several different cafes and restaurants in the downtown area. Brazoria, TX is a great place to raise a family, especially for those who want to live in a safe town where they know the names of everyone around them. Brazoria being located so close to the Houston area is another plus, because Brazoria means that you can live small, while participating in the life of the big city in just an hour’s drive.

If you are looking for an authentic Texas town with fewer inhabitants, Cuero, Texas is the place to be. I like the town of Cuero because of the diversity of the area along with the familial feel of the city. Cuero has a population of around 6,000 people with the good majority being families. Though Cuero, TX is a small city, it has a diverse population in many regards. There are many old time mansions located in Cuero as well as small home located on a few acres of land. You will notice in Cuero that you may live next to a businessman on one side of your home and live next to a family who farms goats in the front yard on the other. The median income of the town of Cuero is low, at $30,000. Cuero is very affordable to lower income families and to those who are in retirement, so this city is at the top of the pile of  Texas small towns.  See more small towns in Texas.

Also there are many 55+ communities in Texas small towns worth checking out.


Texas Retirement Towns

Many people stay in the same house and area when they retire or just move to a small town within 90 miles of where they have lived.  If that is the case, then Texas is bound to be a huge state for retirement. 

Aransas County, Brewster County, Kendall County, Henderson County – Cedar Creek Lake, Gillespie County, Hays County, Williamson County, Montgomery County TX – Lake Conroe areas, Burnett County, Hidalgo County, Comal County, Trinity County all are retirement spots in Texas.

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