Florida – Why Wait?

From realestatejournal.com there is an article about a NY excutive moving to Florda. He says:

 “I also had a childhood memory: Growing up on Long Island, I remember my grandfather as a serious, intense person. After he retired, he and my grandmother bought a home in the same area. And he was a different person when I visited him. He just fell in love with Florida and was so happy. I remember thinking at the time, at about age 10, ‘It seems like such a shame, such a waste, for people to have to wait until they’re that age to start enjoying themselves.’ If you really like the lifestyle and you can swing it, financially and from a work standpoint, why do you have to wait until you’re a retiree to start?”

I hear this more and more. People are moving to communities now rather than waiting, and pulling it off due to Technology.

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Lake Oconee GA

Looking forward to going down to Del Webb’s Lifestyle Seminar for their new 55+ active adult community on Lake Oconee.  I signed up on their web site, and got an invitation for Friday August 3rd. The meeting is going to be at the Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation, so that will also give me a chance to visit that property that I have heard so much about.

This will be my first trip to Lake Oconee. I recently visited Lake Sinclair down hwy 441 at Milledgeville. They told me both Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair have pretty constant lake levels which at mainted by Georgia Power. So the lake does not go way down in Winter or even a draught, like some other Georgia lakes. One of my friends is almost a professional fisherman entering fishing contests all over the country, and he says the fishing is great. Well I haven’t fished too much since I was a kid, but it would be fun to do again.

I wonder if the Lake Oconee Del Webb community will have a 35,000 square foot club-recreation-activities center with a lifestyle director like their property at the Village at Deaton Creek up by Chateau Elan NE of Atlanta?  I will find out.

Will be interesting also to see how the dock and association owned boats will work. Do you just pay a fee to use them?  If so, that may not be a bad idea.  As a former boat owner $$, I think I would rather rent.

Is it true they may be building their own town with this 55+ community?  That would be nice.  I am sure there must be already a good many stores and restaurants with all the other lake property homes and communities there at Reynolds Plantation.  As far as I know this will be the first Active Adult Community at Lake Oconee.

I hope they have some of the same model home plans that I saw at Deaton Creek. They had eveything we always dreamed of. My wife really like the cabinets in the kitchen and master bath.

I will take plenty of pictures and make a report when I return. In the meantime, I will try to find out more about the Lake Oconee community.


Georgia: The Village at Deaton Creek

Just an update to the post we did about Village at Deaton Creek way back in 2007. It is now 2014 and the community is nearing completion at 1100 homes within the next six months or so. The board of directors is starting to include residents. The community is firmly established with over 100+ clubs and groups. New homes for still being built but not for much longer. It is one of the most successful 55+ communities in the Atlanta area.

Original Post

Mary Ann and I visited the Del Webb active adult community The Village at Deaton Creek this week and were very impressed with the new activity center which opened last week and the model homes. The Village at Deanton Creek is located north east of Atlanta. For locals it is up I-85 on the exit for Chateau Elan and Road Atlanta.  This whole area has become a great area for active adults.

The activity center is a good name because club house does not do justice to this 35,000 square foot building.  It is the largest of its kind in Georgia. All the features and activities reminded us of being on a cruise. The lifestyle director gave us a tour.  We were not ready or expecting such a wonderful facility. It has everything.  The communities marketing material has this say: This active adult oasis, known as The Club at Deaton Creek,” has been specifically designed to enhance and expand the active lifestyle for our current and future residents.” They are not exaggerating.  This is one of the most appealing 55+ communities in Georgia, no doubt about it.

The entrance is grand and has a registration/service desk and lounging area like a lodge you would see out West maybe in Yellowstone or Montana. Soaring ceilings and wall of glass to the back overlooking the terrace and the river.

The Grand Ballroom is huge and could be separated by rooms but I could see a community gathering for a dance or party taking place here. At one end a group of about 30 residents were playing bridge when we attended. At the other end of this large ballroom was a professional cooking demo room, like you would see at Whole Foods.

The crafts room was actually two colorful rooms and had facilities for ceramic making including a kiln. Also a library/Wall Street Room with wireless Internet access.

The fitness area was huge, again set up like on a cruise ship only much bigger.  Nautilus equipment arranged to look out through the walls of glass. Flat screen TVs and plug ins for music and video.  At the end of the building was a Junior Olympics size indoor heated pool. Adjoining locker and changing rooms were beautiful.

Outdoors there are upper and lower terraces just outside and part of the activity center overlooking the natural area and river.  Seating groups of wicker were arranged. Good place to sit with friends or by yourself to read a book. This area reminded us of a lodge we stayed at last year in Alaska. Oh, at the end is a huge outdoor swimming pool.

We did a home made video if you would like to take a look. This is our first video so please overlook the technical part but I think it will give you a good feel for the activity center.

With this community, you get both the advantages of a an active adult community and also small town living, even though it is part of metro Atlanta GA.

Robert and Mary Ann

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Atlanta Area Active Adult Community Activity Center

I toured the brand new 35,000 activity center at the Village at Deaton Creek. This is a new Del Webb 55 and better community located near Chateau Elan, northeast of Atlanta, GA. 

 This activity center is wonderful  Take a look at the live video I taped this week.
Village at Deaton Creek Activity Center.   I promise you have never seen anything like this. It is the largest of it’s type in Georgia. There are walking trails, tennis complex, mini-parks and a lifestyle director who will coordinate social activities in the community. The bridge club was meeting in part of the ball room when I was there. The Junior Olymic indoor pool looks great. Out pool has plenty of decking and chairs. 

Robert, SmallTownRetirement.com