Are Best Small Towns to Visit Good For Retirement

small town homeThe Smithsonian Magazine has come out with the Best Small Towns to Visit list and since this blog is titled “Best Small Towns to Retire” I jumped on it.  Of course the best small towns to visit could be different than the best towns to retire let alone live in.  They go on with a sub title “the most intriguing small towns to enjoy arts and smarts”.  How catchy.

So they screened for small towns big on culture and looked at small towns with populations of less than 15,000.   If that possible?

Further they embellish “Happily, the top towns also boast heartwarming settings where the air is a little fresher, the grass greener, the pace gentler than in metropolitan America.”   Continuing “Most important are the people, unpretentious people with small town values and high cultural expectations- not a bad recipe for society at large”.   Well with all that testing they certainly have a larger budget than I do, so I will consider their best small towns list.

Ok what do we have on the list of the 22 best small towns?  This is going to be good.

1. First up is Gettysburg, PA home of the Gettysburg battlefield which draws over a million vlsitors a year and a quant towns with relic stores, a Museum, a tavern, even a winery.

Well this may be fine a place visit and maybe even to live or retire in, but I just wonder if you would tire of the blue grey theme. See our Best Small Towns in Pennsylvania

Note: don’t worry I am not going to cover all 22 small towns here. See them yourself here.

2. St. Augustine on Florida NE coast is near the top of the best towns list too.  They point out the Dow Museum with a current collection on loan of 39 artworks by Pablo Picasso.   The Lighthouse and Museum and even an Alligator Farm.

I have heard St. Augustine is beautiful so it may be fine a fine place to retire and is worth checking out.   Not on our Best Small Towns in Florida to Retire In list, but a candidate.

Some others on the best towns lists include:  Sitka AK – well everyone knows Sitka a good place to visit just ask anyone who has ever taken an Alaskan cruise, but I don’t see it is a place to retire, at least not for me.   Sausalito CA is another interesting place to visit and probably to live if you can afford it.   Jackson WY is a wonderful place to visit I can attest to after taking two vacations there.  In Jackson there may be some seasonal homes there too.  At one time a lot of California people were moving there.  I have only seen Lihue HI as a cruise ship passenger but I could see retiring there.

Well these 22 small towns really do seem like a good place to visit, maybe even to stay awhile.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc