Living in a Safer Town and Community Is Important

Interesting small town retirement homes
Interesting small town retirement homes

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of a large city, air pollution is irritating you or you just want to enjoy the life in a small town, then maybe it is time to leave the big city and find a small, quiet town to reside in.

Close your eyes for a moment and lets discover small town living. The first thing you will notice is that there is no hustle and bustle. You see a few cars here and there but you will see many people walking instead. There are no long lines of traffic on the freeway and usually no cars speeding up and down the road. You will see little to no car accidents in sights. All this means safer streets for you. Plus residents of smaller towns get into auto wrecks less often than their counterparts in bigger cities.

Stop for a minute and breathe in. Do you notice anything different? That is the smell of fresh air. There is no smog in the air. You will notice a sense of peace and tranquility. There are lots of green grass and green trees surrounding you.

Now picture you and your family going out for dinner one warm, summer night. Everyone knows who you are and knows you by name. You hear the song playing from the TV show Cheers. You sing the lyrics….where everybody knows your name. It is nice to have dinner and people come in and out of the restaurant and they stop to say hi or talk about how pretty your flowers look this year or how green your lawn is.

Pretend you are now on the main street in town. Look up and down the street and what do you see? The shops are bustling with neighborhood folks; people are stopping on the street to greet each other or saying hi to each other in passing. You instantly feel a sense of belonging in your community. Or maybe you live in one of the 55+ communities in small towns around America, which are gated and occupied by like minded people and are one  of the safest type communities around.  Safety is one of the appeals of living in a 55+ home, especially for single females.

The schools in town paint a picture of children laughing and playing. You will notice a relaxed atmosphere and the classroom sizes are relatively small. You may notice less teachers but that is only because there are less students. The classroom sizes are comfortable enough so students’ learning is enhanced. The teachers can make time for each student individually. Community involvement in schools is a big part of life in your new small town.

If you look down the road, you see the local doctor’s office. There is one doctor who knows each and every patient of his by name. He is relatively busy but not so busy that he does not take time to chat with the locals on his lunch walk or on his way to visit his patients at the hospital. The hospital itself is small but provides the best in medical care.

Take a stroll around the neighborhood and look at the homes. You will notice a variety of different homes from older homes such as Victorian style homes to newer, modern homes. There are very few apartments, condominiums or townhomes. The homes are affordable enough for everyone’s budget.

Small towns have character and charm to them. There is a certain atmosphere that comes when you choose a small town that is close knit and intimate. When someone in the community falls ill, everyone pitches in to help the family. When someone passes away, the community comes together to comfort the grieving family. When a new individual or family moves into town, everyone greets them with open arms and warm hospitality.

If you are thinking about retiring or living in a small town, you will find that it is easier to let your guard down a bit and live safely. It is a fact that there is a lot less crime in a smaller community than in a large city. In small town America, you can easily take a stroll down the street without constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of being mugged, robbed, raped or murdered. You can leave your front door open to get a breeze going through your home without fear.

Living in a safer town and community is an important factor in deciding where to live and retire.

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