Analysis of a Move to a 55 Plus Community

After looking for over a year, we found the perfect 55 plus community for us. It is on the edge of the metro area, about 40 miles from downtown but 18 minutes from a major regional mall and more retail-shopping. Nearby there is a winery with hotel and six restaurants, 15 minutes from outlet mall, and nearby some good places for lunch. It is far enough but not too far. We can still meet our friends in the metro suburbs for lunch every month.

55 plus community model home

Del Webb 55 Plus Community Here We Come

After looking for over a year, we found the perfect 55 plus community for us.  It is on the edge of the metro area, about 40 miles from downtown but 18 minutes from a major regional mall and more retail-shopping.  Nearby there is a winery with hotel and six restaurants, 15 minutes from outlet mall, and nearby some good places for lunch. It is far enough but not too far. We can still meet our friends in the metro suburbs for lunch every month.   It will definitely change our way of living to a new lifestyle while being close to familiar areas too. Not a major relocation but a positive adjustment none the less.

Forty percentage of the people living in Village at Deaton Creek,  this active adult community on the outer edge of our metro, still work.   This means, at age 62, some will  be our age or younger.   So the age balance is right for us.

It took us some time to come up with the model home that we decided on.  We live in a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath two story with full  basement.  Not because we had a big family, but because we had a home office and one employee.  We no longer have the employee coming over and have cut back the business to the minimal, but still my wife and I do want our offices.   We had thought going in the perfect retirement home for us would be a “ranch with a basement”.  Basements we found out are a little pricey.  A basement runs $50,000 and then $30,000 to be finished, thus $80,000 extra for a finished basement.  At Del Webb they have come up with another less expensive option, that of a loft.  The finished loft is an option that runs $23,000 to $25 ,000 more, but does add a large room, a bedroom and a full bath upstairs. So we reasoned that would work as I could have my office in the loft and my wife could have the office on the main level and like the 2 bedroom plan.  So a 2 bedroom with a loft we went searching for.   But when touring the available homes, there was not a loft available, so it would take 5 to 6 months to  have one built the Del Webb  salesperson explained. Huh.

So next we decided to check out resales so we went through the brochures we picked up while riding around in our golf cart during our two night vacation getaway stay at the community.  I asked about any listings with a loft and none were available since the loft is a relatively new option and none of the resales have a loft.  But the agent did tell  me about another listing which is a large ranch in the Overlook section rather then the middle size homes in the Vista collection.  The plan was the Cumberland Hall floor plan.  It is all on one level and has a large corner office and 3 bedrooms, one of which could be our second office.  We liked the floor plan layout too.  In addition, this resale has a large screen porch and a nice kitchen and many extras.  The price was only $15,000 more that the two bedroom with loft that we would have to wait 6 months for.  Wow, this is maybe the one for us!

The resale agent was very helpful.  She could come to our current home and let us know the market price and what we could expect to get. So how would this work, we begin to ask.  Would we contract to buy the resale and immediately list our current home for sale.  Do you sell your current home first to reduce the risk then find a home to move to?  One resident said she listed her home for sale and put a contract for Del Webb to build her a home but her home sold within two months.  What did she do I asked?  Got on a boat and traveled she replied.

Being the cautious planner that I am (and who isn’t when you are retired), none of these options looks that great.  Yes, we could cash in a CD and buy the resale while listing our current home for sale.  Both homes are similar in price so we may almost break even.  Then take the sales proceed and buy the CD back.  Sure there is a 3 month interest penalty, but that may not stop us.  However the bigger risk is selling our current home.  We have heard story after story about negatives of selling in this market.  It is in great condition, with many improvements in a good location (doesn’t everyone think their home is special and more valuable than the rest of the neighborhood). Or another option would be to sell our current home and then find our new home, but that means maybe moving to a temporary residence if we cannot find a home to move in to right away.  I don’t like moving that much.
About now I am asking, and why are we moving?  Oh yes, the new lifestyle, new friends, activities, slower pace, nature walks around the pond, fun, etc. Yes, we are sold on the community and have a floor plan we think would work for us.  We are positive about the move, it is just how to do it.

So thinking about this during this long Memorial Day weekend, my wife and I think we don’t want to put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation right now, just because we would like to move to a 55 plus community.  We have our house paid off, we are retired, so why complicate matters. Our assessment is in this environment it is no time to roll the dice and try to sell your home if you don’t have to.  We don’t want to move twice and we don’t want a vacant unsold home to worry about. We still plan on moving to a 55 plus community and now have a much better idea of where we want to live and the floor plan that would suit us. You just don’t know until you have checked things out, if it will work for you.  We will keep our options open and look forward to making the move when the time is right for us.

Georgia: The Village at Deaton Creek

Just an update to the post we did about Village at Deaton Creek way back in 2007. It is now 2014 and the community is nearing completion at 1100 homes within the next six months or so. The board of directors is starting to include residents. The community is firmly established with over 100+ clubs and groups. New homes for still being built but not for much longer. It is one of the most successful 55+ communities in the Atlanta area.

Original Post

Mary Ann and I visited the Del Webb active adult community The Village at Deaton Creek this week and were very impressed with the new activity center which opened last week and the model homes. The Village at Deanton Creek is located north east of Atlanta. For locals it is up I-85 on the exit for Chateau Elan and Road Atlanta.  This whole area has become a great area for active adults.

The activity center is a good name because club house does not do justice to this 35,000 square foot building.  It is the largest of its kind in Georgia. All the features and activities reminded us of being on a cruise. The lifestyle director gave us a tour.  We were not ready or expecting such a wonderful facility. It has everything.  The communities marketing material has this say: This active adult oasis, known as The Club at Deaton Creek,” has been specifically designed to enhance and expand the active lifestyle for our current and future residents.” They are not exaggerating.  This is one of the most appealing 55+ communities in Georgia, no doubt about it.

The entrance is grand and has a registration/service desk and lounging area like a lodge you would see out West maybe in Yellowstone or Montana. Soaring ceilings and wall of glass to the back overlooking the terrace and the river.

The Grand Ballroom is huge and could be separated by rooms but I could see a community gathering for a dance or party taking place here. At one end a group of about 30 residents were playing bridge when we attended. At the other end of this large ballroom was a professional cooking demo room, like you would see at Whole Foods.

The crafts room was actually two colorful rooms and had facilities for ceramic making including a kiln. Also a library/Wall Street Room with wireless Internet access.

The fitness area was huge, again set up like on a cruise ship only much bigger.  Nautilus equipment arranged to look out through the walls of glass. Flat screen TVs and plug ins for music and video.  At the end of the building was a Junior Olympics size indoor heated pool. Adjoining locker and changing rooms were beautiful.

Outdoors there are upper and lower terraces just outside and part of the activity center overlooking the natural area and river.  Seating groups of wicker were arranged. Good place to sit with friends or by yourself to read a book. This area reminded us of a lodge we stayed at last year in Alaska. Oh, at the end is a huge outdoor swimming pool.

We did a home made video if you would like to take a look. This is our first video so please overlook the technical part but I think it will give you a good feel for the activity center.

With this community, you get both the advantages of a an active adult community and also small town living, even though it is part of metro Atlanta GA.

Robert and Mary Ann

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