Towns and Communities in Vermont

I will to going to Burlington VT next week to seek the leaf foliage.   I know Vermont has a lot of small towns that would be a great place to live and would like to visit some.  We plan to do a lot of driving, maybe up hwy 100 and then one day up to the North toward Montreal.

If you know of any good small towns that I could review while in VT, please let me know. If you have retired in VT, let us know where you live and what the area has to offer.

UPDATE:  Well I did visit Vermont and really liked it.  We staying in Burlington and liked everything about it.  It has a University, a great small town for walking, many restaurants, many sites to see like the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, Lake Champlain, and others.  We did Stowe, the ski resort up in the mountains were I took that photo at the top of the post.  Side trips up to Montreal Canada and over to upstate New York were great too.  I see from our site that there are several 55+ communities in Vermont so I need to take another visit.


Retirement Hobbies

So you finally have time to peruse other than work activities. What are some of the hobbies semi retired and retied folks enjoy.

It can be a wide range of things. Whatever you enjoy.

Collecting and/or restoring muscle cars from our youth is appealing to some men. Of coarse outdoors activities like hiking, fishing and hunting are popular.  For social activities check out to check on groups near you.  You may be amazed to see how many qroups and interests there are available to you to get involved.

Many women enjoy gourmet cooking, books clubs, volunteering,  and shopping. The Internet is a great source of hobbies and even a hobby unto itself.  If you are a book reader, just have to check out
Couples like traveling to new places and of coarse cruising is exciting and affordable.  Gardening is making a comeback and Victory Gardens are enjoyable and rewarding.  Stamp collecting, coin and collecting medals is also making a come back and could be a good investment.  Keeping up with your investments becomes a hobby for some.  Having time to go to the library and museums becomes enjoyable again.  Reading and bookstore visits, attending government and civic meetings, and getting involved in politics are major activities.

Gosh how did we ever find time to work?

Destin, Florida

Recently I spend a week down in Destin Florida. Of coarse I had to check out the real estate market.  Riding around I sure did see a lot of For Sale signs on a lot of really nice properties.
A local broker says the property and lot sales dropped big time in the third quarter of 2005 and have leveled out at a much lower level.  He reckons it will stay that way for another two years or until the new regional airport opens.  I do bet with a new larger airport that will help spur things up a bit.

Destiin is such a beautiful area and a lot of people have second homes there. To them, if they are long term holders, it shouldn’t matter much. We talked with an owner at the condo community we were staying. She is from Oklahoma and has owned here unit since it was new, about 30 years ago.  They visit about twice a year and do not rent out their property.  She has such a low initial investment, it really has paid off for her.

Plenty of properties to rent for a week or longer in Destin even thought rental rates seem to be holding up very well.   But I know Destin had become so hot, a lot of people were into flipping.  I know several people who says they would put down a pre construction deposit and then were able to sell at a double closing when property was ready for a big profit.  Those days seem to be over for the time being.

Destin will come back so a bargain hunter could start looking now.

Many retirees are getting a second home to live in part of the year and keeping their current home. Or if you live in a nearby metro like Atlanta for example, you could make several trips down as often as you like, and either rent out your unit or not.

St. Simons Island GA

It seems I hear more and more about St. Simons Island Georgia as a vacation spot, a second home location and now a great retirement place.

St. Simons Island is part of the legendary Golden Isles near Historic Brunswick, Georgia, St. Simons Island lies between Jekyll Island and Sea Island.

Marsh’s Edge is a full service senior community located on the beautiful Saint Simons Island.  From the photos on their web site, it looks simply gorgeous, with lakes and live oaks around the property.  Already a vacation and second home destination, Marsh’s Edge is in the midst of legendary golf courses, distinctive boutiques, art galleries and antique shops.

I can imagine living here without the worries about home maintenance, yard work and other chores.  It would be like being on vacation all the time. The Wellness Center includes senior friendly exercise equipment and an indoor swimming pool.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

This is a Continuing Care Retirement Community. CCRCs are so named because they address the entire continuum of care with healthy seniors moving into independent living apartments, but having the security of knowing they can “age in place” thanks to assisted living and skilled nursing services on site.

A big part of Marsh’s Edge is the regular retirement community living. They have a good variety of accomadations including:

  • Spacious one and two-bedroom apartments — some include a den
  • Two-bedroom plus den and three-bedroom cottages
  • I think a trip to check out Marsh’s Edge on St. Simons Island would be interesting and worthwhile.