Small Town Retirement Blog Back in Action

Waiting for Opportunity

After a month of being down, this blog is back up, after a lot of effort to find out what the problem was, then to get the latest blog program installed and the backup data including post restored.   The problem was Godaddy did not keep their servers where this is hosted, up to date.  Old versions of PHP and MYSQL was still being used and WordPress would not longer run on these outdated programs.   Of coarse no one tells you that, so much after the fact discovery was in order.

In any case, it is good to be back blogging.  One of our sites, has really been growing and expanding.   We added states and cities to Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facility, and Senior Housing.  That has really expanded our reach in those areas.   Facility managers may added their listings for free and word is starting to get out about this offer and many listings are being added.

In the retirement community  world it looks like sales are very slow, just  like the other new home sales, with a potential double dip in the economy getting everyone scared to make a move.   I heard Del Webb radio ads about sales prices the lowest this year.

Moves to small towns I understand have slowed also.  I don’t think it has anything at all to do with attractiveness of small towns fading, but the same slow down in this uncertain economy has brought a lot a activity to almost a standstill.   As they say it could be a good time to buy, if you don’t have to sell something first.

But time moves on and people are and will be retiring no matter what the economy does.   We will get used to the “new normal” one way or another.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc