Retirement Jobs

According to an article in Yahoo Finance, these cities are some of the top market for retirement jobs for the 50 and over crowd. They point out it is not for primary job before retirement, but after retirement, when you change to doing something different than your career.  Got that?

 They say in compiling “ lists could easily become dominated by Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Florida because of their rapid job growth and moderate living costs.”  Yes those are some prime states for traditional retirement.  Looking down the list, there are plenty of large cities.  But here are some of the smaller towns/cities they list. Harrisburg Landcastor PA, Leesburg and Winchester VA, Fayetteville Arkansas. Raleigh – Durham NC is really not a small city, but is listed (there are a lot of small towns around that area.). The lovely Sarasota Florida is listed. Louisville KY and Knoxville TN. Madison Wisconsin is listed as well as Medford Oregon.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc