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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is best started early in one's life and not left to just before retirement age. By starting early you can start your saving earlier and that will be a huge positive to building the funds you will need for retirement.

Starting early with a forced saving plan where you "pay yourself first" by having a set amount automatically deducated from your paycheck and put into an IRA or 401K plan is a great start. You will be very happy you started early.

The other things to keep in mind is to NOT cash out or borrow from your retirement savings. So many people spend their 401k funds when they change jobs and take possession of the money in their 401k. You need to put this money off limits and know it will be a big positive for you as you near retirement.

Retirement Plan

Did you mean Financial Planning

What are your retirement plans?

Should you move or should you stay put when you retire? Many people think they should move when they retire, but there is nothing that says you have to move. In fact, most people stay put. But almost everyone does at least consider moving to a different location when they retire. This site will help explore the question where to move when you retire and how to explore and analyze the alternatives.


retirement planning

A change of pace and environment can be nice and invigorating. Do you want to see what small town living is all about these days? Some things have change quite a bit. Other thing not much. What is the best way to explore the concept of living in a smaller town. Then now do you go about it?

Some say visting the areas personally and spending some time is the way to do it. Only this way do you get a good feel of what living in the area will be like. Best to do your homework first rather than just relocating then really finding out what the area is like.

Maybe even rent an apartment in the area. Find a property manager to manage your home and see how things go.

Also several of the retirement community companies offer a "Vacation Getaway" so you can visit their community for 2 to 4 days and stay in one of their villas for a reasonable fee. This will help you get a feel for the property and the people living there. Del Webb and Robson have this program, to name two.

We started profiling some popular and some up and coming small towns you may want to consider visting. Many of the areas you may consider are excellent vacation destinations so you may want to start this process a few years before you are planning to move. In fact the leasing or purchasing a second home has become a popular idea.

The second home may one day become your primary home. It may just serve to convince your the area is a great place to live and you could find a more suitable primary home and maybe even convert your second home to a rental investment. Some real estate investors even do the opposite, rolling over sale of an investment property to a second home to rented for a year. Then they may decide to move in that home. This is an interesting concept becoming popular with anyone owning rental property and now want to sell and pay those high taxes.

Planning a move also involves maybe finding a job or other activities to explore. Finding a part time job or starting your own business may be in your future. Exploring arts and culture, history of the area, and recreation activities of a new area can be a joy. So use our resources to discover new areas and assist in your research and evaluation of exciting areas to relocate to.