55 Plus Communities in NH

There are many small towns and places to retire in NH, New Hampshire perfect for 55+ retirement living. 55 plus communities offer ways to life an active life with many activities and programs for residents. Some of the best 55 plus communities in NH are: Bunker Estates Derry – Condo Community in Derry NH – Pine Creek Village in Litchfield, NH an affordable 55 Community – Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and Brook Ridge Active Adult Community in Hooksett, NH. See 55+ communities in NH.

Best Small Towns in New Hampshire

New Hampshire provides some of the best small towns in the nation, with its picturesque mountains, low crime rates and hospitable residents.The area offers four distinct seasons and plenty of outdoor activities during the long winter months.It is no wonder why New Hampshire is becoming a hot spot for retirees and couples looking for a comfortable place to raise their families.

Below are some of the best small towns in New Hampshire and why they have been ranked as the most livable communities.

1. Hancock

The small community of Hancock is a quiet town recognized as one of the best places to live in New Hampshire in terms of small towns or villages.The area is historic and seems a bit unsettled as buildings project out of nowhere dating back to the 18th century.The town is warm and inviting for tourists and friendly for those who live there.

2. Hanover

The small community of Hanover, population 8,500, is an international hideaway that offers much in terms of culture and diversity.While the winters can be treacherous, Hanover’s claim to fame is a large teaching hospital and Dartmouth College.The area is rich in culture, due in part because of activities offered at the college, but also due to the eclectic and diverse crowd that resides in the town.Skiing and ice skating opportunities abound in this scenic and outdoorsy community.

3. Harrisville

Traveling past Lake Skatutakee takes you directly into the small town of Harrisville, one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.The area is warm and inviting and brick buildings and immaculately kept yards greet its visitors.The small community has its own private beach known as Sunset Beach and provides a beautiful place to picnic or pull out the sketch book.Artists from all over the east coast show up in Harrisville to gain inspiration.Art galleries and unique boutiques can be found along the downtown area.

4. Lebanon

The small town of Lebanon is a small town gem in terms of beauty and architecture.The community offers a number of buildings ranked on the National Register of Historic Buildings.The architecture is unique and offers an area rich in history with red-brick homes and offices.The community is safe and rated as one of the most secure places to raise a family.With crime rates low and employment rates high, it is no wonder why Lebanon made the cut.

5. Sugar Hill

While there isn’t much to Sugar Hill, other than a stretch in the road, a bend and a hill, you don’t want to miss the beauty of this tiny town in New Hampshire.The area offers a small inn known as Hilltop Inn and a diner that offers some of the best flapjacks on the east coast – Polly’s Pancake Parlor.Morning mists are worth getting up early for along the fields of Iris Farm.The community residents are friendly and hospitable and the beauty of the area will keep you coming back for more.

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