Lake Hartwell GA

Just returned from a trip to Lake Hartwell Georgia.  Beautiful day on the lake.  Saw many lake homes and cabins along the shoreline as well as many undeveloped areas.  The couple we visited has had their lake front cabins for years.  They are retiring but do not plan to live their full time but just make more visits during the week from their home in Hamilton Mill near Atlanta.

The good part about being retired is that you can visit the lake during the week when it is much less crowded and the party makers have long gone.  So they are just going to “Retire” to the lake during the week.  They say they may entertain more at the lake house as they have more time to do so.  The 24 foot pontoon boat was a blast.

So I learned that a retirement home does not only have to be full time. They are enjoying theirs whenever they want to.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc