Florida – Why Wait?

From realestatejournal.com there is an article about a NY excutive moving to Florda. He says:

 “I also had a childhood memory: Growing up on Long Island, I remember my grandfather as a serious, intense person. After he retired, he and my grandmother bought a home in the same area. And he was a different person when I visited him. He just fell in love with Florida and was so happy. I remember thinking at the time, at about age 10, ‘It seems like such a shame, such a waste, for people to have to wait until they’re that age to start enjoying themselves.’ If you really like the lifestyle and you can swing it, financially and from a work standpoint, why do you have to wait until you’re a retiree to start?”

I hear this more and more. People are moving to communities now rather than waiting, and pulling it off due to Technology.

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Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc