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Delaware is a small state, but it contains a vast number of small cities that are perfect for retirement living. Even though this state is in the north, it is known for its charm and beauty. There are many other reasons that Delaware shines with desire, including lower crime rates, peacefulness, and even lower cost of living.

A Few of the Best Small Towns in Delaware for Small Town Retirement

Below are just a few of the best small towns in Delaware to reside in for economic, social, and livability reasons.

1. Bridgeville

This city has just over two thousand residents and is part of the Seaford Micropolitan area. The city may not have many residents but it has one of the biggest visitor draws in the fall, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin. This town was named for the bridge that was built across a stream and it still serves to be the center of the city. It also can boast about being the oldest community that is still alive in Sussex County.

2. Fenwick Island

Known as the “Quiet Resort,” Fenwick Island is a small coastal town in southern Delaware. It is known for its desire to draw vacationers and it was not actually a city until 1953. The history of this city is rich with pirates and loot, but the calm beaches are what make it desirable now. Residents have a short drive to Ocean City, where life is a lot busier and more congested.

3. Georgetown

While Georgetown is the county seat of Sussex County, only five thousand people reside there. The city is extremely beautiful and is full of historic architecture. You can find the oldest church in the city at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and examine the true Victorian Gothic design. This city may continue to expand, but it keeps the history rich in the buildings and fountains.

4. Lewes

With its six parks and two beaches, Lewes is definitely another city that should be considered one of the best small cities of Delaware. Lewes was the first town built and Delaware was the first state in the Union, so you will hear Lewes call itself the “first town in the first state.” The climate in Lewes is hot in the summer, but mild in the winter so retiring in this city will bring year round enjoyment.

5. Magnolia

Magnolia is a beautiful, but quaint town with less than five hundred residents. The city is known for its churches and its support with fire control. If United States history is something you thrive on, this town is a perfect place to call home.

6. New Castle

This city of five thousand is one of the best cities in Delaware to live and retire for many reasons. There are plenty of parks and recreational activities, as well as a couple of top-notch hospitals. The city has the comforts of a larger city, with the close ties of a small town. The history is also rich, with the historical marker of William Penn’s landing place.

7. Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a great place to retire or vacation with plenty of beaches and beautiful weather. The view of the Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking and many fall in love with the city upon first visit. The residents are known to be extremely welcoming and friendly, and it is where everyone knows their neighbor.

Delaware is a small and beautiful state. The Atlantic Ocean makes for beautiful scenery and the history of the Union is alive and well. There is no better state to retire to, and the weather is predictable. There are many cities beyond the ones listed, but these are most definitely the best the state has to offer to the retiring community.

8. Coastal Delaware

Coastal Delaware is the location of choice for Baby Boomers planning for retirement for so many reasons. Low taxes? Yes, but that’s only one reason why Coastal Delaware is attracting the attention of Baby Boomers.

The beach towns have always been a popular vacation home choice for families from DC to Philadelphia. Increasingly, all of Sussex County is welcoming people from all over the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Why is Coastal Delaware growing? Because of the numerous benefits our beautiful region offers its residents. Below you will find just a few of the things that make Coastal Delaware a fantastic choice for retirees, families, nature enthusiasts… and people just like you!

Delaware’s beautiful beaches are the state’s most heavily utilized recreation resource. In fact, Delaware’s beaches are rated among the cleanest in the nation by the Clean Beaches Council, according to Southern Delaware Tourism.

There are 24.5 miles of sandy beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean from the mouth of the Delaware Bay to the Maryland border. Of this space, 12 miles are contained within State Parks. This includes Cape Henlopen State Park, located east on Savannah Rd. in Lewes; Delaware Seashore State Park, located on Del. Rt. 1 between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach; and Fenwick Island State Park, located on Del. Rt. 1 between South Bethany and Fenwick Island.

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