Retirement Communities in Washington DC

Washington, DC has always been known as a great place for retirement. It has been ranked number two as one of the healthiest cities, ranked number four as having the best airports to make a connection, ranked number five as one of the most secure places to live in 2011, ranked number seven as one of the cities that are on the edge of greatness, ranked number nine as one of the most secure places to live in the United States and also ranked number nine as America’s most playful cities because retirees enjoy its parks, bike trails, museums, theaters, housing, and more

Washington, DC is the perfect place to retire because of its leisure and culture activities. For instance, the D. C. area has 77 movie theaters, 398 nightclubs/bars, 153 public golf courses, 220 libraries and over 7,000 restaurants. The average temperature in summer is close to 90°F and the low in winter is 24°F on average. The health care system is one of the best in the country with 56 cancer doctors, 104 heart doctors and nine geriatric doctors.

One of the reasons that Washington, DC is such a great place to retire is that it has mild winters. This is especially important for retirees who were coming from the north and want to retire in an area that’s a little bit warmer. The District of Columbia has a milder climate with warm summers and cool winters.

Many retirees love to relish in history and the District of Columbia is the perfect place for history buffs. Retirees can walk where past presidents have been. Many history events have happened in the D. C. Area such as President Lincoln’s Emancipation Act, the War of 1812 and the assassination of President Lincoln.

Washington, DC has a vast array of museums. The National Mall contains numerous war memorials as well as the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. There is pretty much a museum for everything that you can think of including the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum and the American Indian Museum.

Washington DC is an example of urban living at its best. Senior citizens can enjoy many aspects of the area including museums, shopping, nightlife and enjoyable restaurants. In addition, the states of Maryland and Virginia are not far away. The District of Columbia has a population of over 600,000 people and of those, 23% are of retirement age.

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC to retire is known as Penn Quarter. This section is located just several feet from the National Mall. This area has a great mix of culture and charm and the Beltway subway stations are air-conditioned and equipped with elevators. Also, in this neighborhood you will find art galleries, more than half a dozen theaters as well as restaurants and the home of the famous International Spy Museum. Penn Quarter is very walk-able also.

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