Southern Cities Reviewed

Southern Towns for Retirement
Photo courtesy of the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Southern Living Magazine’s October issue just came out and has a great Southern Cities Review section which reviews Asheville, Louisville, Austin and Pensacola.  If you can pick up a copy I think you will find it interesting like I did, if you are a fan of city reviews.

Asheville NC is well know as a great retirement town. It is a college and trendy downtown with boutiques, art galleries, organic markets, bookstores, and is walkable.  You are surrounded by majestic mountains that offer sightseeing, hiking and day trips. Sounds good to me.

Austin TX is well know as a young person place with it’s music, urban loft living and a lot to see and do.  But these same traits are attractive to seniors.
Louisville Kentucky’s downtown is right on the river and is a well keep secret of a really neat place to visit (and live).  Art galleries, shops and entertainment.  In May Derby week is really something to behold (I have been twice!).

Pensacola FL downtown has a rich and long history evident with it’s brick streets and Art Deco buildings.  Very walkable downtown square.

source: Southern Living Magazine