Community Terms

A site visitor emailed me asking what the differences are in a “Senior community“, a “Over 55 Community” and “Assisted Living Facility“.

Well these terms are confusing to many.  In addition to those terms, there are many more.

I would say that people searching for a Senior community are older or are searching for an older person, say 75 years of age or better.  The reason I say that is the use of the word “senior” is not used by most baby boomers to refer to themselves or their age group, expect to get a senior discount.   So Senior community would refer to retirement communities for seniors.

Over 55 community is used in marketing the newer Active Adult Communities and to Age Quailified communities where at least one person needs to be ago 55 over better, as the marketing people say it.

Assisted Living Facility is for people needing help with the daily chores of living.  Usually includes meals, a nurse on duty, and group transportation and more.