Active Adult Housing Plans

Age in 55+ Community

Rather than aging in place in the suburbs, the boomer (me & you) could sell our large suburban home and move to a smaller, maybe more efficient livable home nearby.  I doubt we could make any money from our equity swap if we are paying cash for the new retirement home, but at least we would be in position to enjoy life without the larger property taxes, insurance and property maintenance expenses, traffic and no one home during the day.

Maybe the new place would be in a 55+ community with plenty of activities so we could meet some new friends.  It would be one level with livable design features already in place. Wouldn’t this make life much better for people who are retiring.

Housing Plans

Age in Place

Studies have shown that most people will age in place.  And that was even before the financial crisis, which probably will defer people from moving now and for the foreseeable future.  But aging in place is now bad. in fact, if you retire in your current home, you may find many advantages.

If you stay in your current home, you won’t have to buy a new one, nor to sell the current one.  Buying and selling real estate is always an expensive transaction and now in this uncertain time with real estate taken a major blow, it could be risky.   Also when you consider moving expenses and expenses setting up another house, you could be saving substantial money staying where you are.  However you may think about making your home more livable.  There are things that make a home more livable, that is more comfortable, easier and safer for independent living and will fun  doing.

When you retire in your current home, you may find new ways to enjoy it.  For example you may try a square foot garden which will get you outside more and you can enjoy the home grown vegetables that taste so much better.  You may landscape your yard, grow new plants and try something different.   Barbecuing is a fun thing to do the in back yard and many people start grilling out just about every day.  Building a fire pit or retaining wall, deck or gazebo are other projects.

Since you are not moving to a active adult community with all their social activities they brag about, join and try out several groups of interest close by in your area.  I have done this and am a member of two meetup groups that I look forward to attending.  You meet new friends this way also.  Your local YMCA or health club can offer anything and more than the active adult communities.  Your local park has walking trails and green ways and green spaces which are the best deal to get you outside.  Many people walk in the neighborhood.

Aging in place will allow you to continue meeting your friends for lunch, shopping trips and to see movies (does anyone still do that?).  And staying close to relatives. Being in a familiar area where you know where everything is certainly has it’s benefits.

Retiring probably has more to do with what you do than where you do it.  There is nothing magical about moving to a far off location.  In fact that could be disruptive and take away the time you gained by retiring in the first place.  There are more advantages to aging in place which I am sure I will think of as soon as I press “Publish” but you get the idea.