Age in Community

Rather than aging in place, the boomer (me & you) could sell our large suburban home and move to a smaller, maybe more efficient livable home nearby.  I doubt we could make any money from our equity swap if we are paying cash for the new retirement home, but at least we would be in position to enjoy life without the larger property taxes, insurance and property maintenance expenses.
We would still meet with our friends and associates since we would be nearby.  We could still frequent the restaurants, stores and other places where we shop and live day to day.  Maybe the new place would be in a 55+ community so we could meet some new friends who would be happy to also meet us.  We are not relocating and starting all over, just making a life change for the better.  The new community could be a little further out or nearby.  Most of the active adult communities seem to be a littler further out on the edge of metro areas, but close enough to keep in contact with friends and relatives.  But more and more I see 55+ communities nearby in the suburbs, not the large communities but maybe large enough.  Later if we want to get a second home in the mountains or at the beach where we could spend some time, that is an option.  Actually I think renting the second home or vacation home is the best option for many of us.  What do you think?

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc