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RobI sold my business and at 58 years old have started looking at options for retirement and maybe moving to a new area. Maybe a slower pace and change of scenery.  I have worked hard for over 35 years and now feel it is time to have a change of pace.  Moving from a city to a smaller town seems like a good idea to myself and others my same age evaluating their future.

I am trying to use the Internet as much as possible to research my options, combined with some short trips to different towns to see what different areas offer.

This web site was began to document my findings so as to help me and hopefully others in the same situation evaluate new places to live.  I will be making frequent postings of my findings on the https://smalltownretirement.com web page as well as on this blog.

I hope you will take the time to write a comment about interesting areas you may have an interest in or knowledge about.  What do you like about the area?  Just choose the state of city from the category on the right and do your posting.

If you have already moved, by all means, please tell us about your decision to move to a new area, how you went about making decisions and all about your new town.  What were you expecting and how are you doing now you have relocated.  All observations will be appreciated by myself and others.  Just click the category from the states or cities listed on in the right column.

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Dec 2010 Update: Since I wrote the above on  Sept 14, 2006, more than 4 years ago, I have visit many small towns and active adult communities.  My wife and I have picked one out that we want to move to, but in this terrible real estate market we are waiting a little longer to do so.   During these four years, I have continued my interest in retirement and where to live and what to do in retirement.  I have made this interest in to my Retirement Job.  In fact I named my company Retirement Media Inc. and have expanded into the sites below.  I hope you will visit them.

Update – Ok we finally purchased a home in an Active Adult Community, in a small town of course.

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