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Best Towns and Cities in Southern California

Southern California consists of large areas such Los Angeles and San Diego. The area goes along the coast from Ventura to San Diego through Southland and Inland Empire. The border between Mexico and the United States lies on the southern border of the state. Los Angeles is the most populated city in California with 3,792,621 residents. San Diego has a population of 1,307,402 residents making it the second most populated city in California. Many folks, however, like the quietness of one of the smaller towns near Southern California.


Some Small Towns in Southern California

Southern California has five counties including Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino. In addition, Southern California is known as the entertainment capital because of Hollywood, the motion picture industry capital. Some well-known headquarters are located in the southern part of California including the Walt Disney Company, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. There are several small towns in Southern California that make for great living.

Pismo Beach, CA

Pismo Beach is a beach town with a population of 7655. The town is located on a Mexican land grant called Rancho Pismo. Pismo Beach is called the" Clam Capital of the World." It adopted this name in the 1950s and is home to the yearly Clam Festival that includes clam chowder competitions as well as the parade that revolves around the clam theme. The Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce is the home to an 8 inch shell of the Pismo clam. This town is a popular area for retirement.

Idyllwild, CA

Idyllwild is located in the San Jacinto Mountains within Riverside County. This town of 3, 874 used to be the summer residence of the Cahuilla Indians. It used to be called Strawberry Valley because of the vast amount of wild strawberries that grow in the town, mainly along Strawberry Creek which flows through town. There are some notable folks that have come from Idyllwild including actors Sean Connery, Dolly Parton and Doris Day.

Coronado, CA

Coronado is an affluent resort town in San Diego County. With a population of 24, 697, it is listed by U.S. News and World Report as one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. However, Coronado Beach was ranked the best beach in the U.S. by Doctor Stephen Leatherman, the Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research. The town is home to two popular live theaters, Lamb’s Players Theatre and the Coronado Playhouse.

Julian, CA

Julian is one of the official California Historical Landmarks. It is a small town that has a population of 1, 621 people. It is located in San Diego County and is a nice, quiet town with many of the best neighborhoods in the county. The main sources of employment in Julian are tourism and agriculture, especially apples. The town is not only famous for its apples but the town attracts many antique lovers as well.

Cambria, CA

Cambria is a seaside town that is located in the middle of Los Angles and San Francisco. Other communities it has gone by in the past include Santa Rosa, Rosaville and Slabtown. It has a population of 6, 232 residents. Tourists are the main source of income for the town. Since it is located on the Pacific Ocean, it attracts many tourists for its nice beaches and rocky cliffs. Recreational activities include kicking, dog walking, ocean fishing and kayaking.

Borrego Springs, CA

Borrego Springs is a small town that is known as a resort in the summer for tourists while the residents live in the town year round since they consider it a town that is the best, to live year round. It has a population of 3, 429 folks. The town is entirely encircled by the larges state park in California, Anza-Borrego State Park. The downtown area includes two shopping malls, various restaurants and unique shops.


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