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Best Small Towns Around Philadelphia PA

When thoughts of retirement entertain your dreams, the City of Brotherly Love, may not be at the top of your list of places to spend your golden years. However, Philadelphia is quickly becoming a hotspot for those looking to live near a suburban hub that offers affordability and beautiful scenery. More and more retirees are looking for small towns around major cities to put down roots and stay awhile.

New Yorkers who are not willing to give up their four distinct seasons are heading south to a slower-paced environment just outside Philly. The area is filled with outdoor recreation possibilities, scattered with museums and historical points of interest, and positioned nicely among some of the leading healthcare and medical facilities in the country. Temple University Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital are just a couple of top-notch medical centers located nearby.

Montgomery County PA

Some of the best small towns around Philadelphia, PA include:

Jenkintown, PA

Not far from the buzz of Philly, Jenkintown, PA offers a large number of senior living and retirement communities that are close to the Pennsylvania Turnpike in an area filled with shopping, entertainment and dining options. Residents of Jenkintown enjoy small town living with the convenience of an urban area just a short distance away. Health care services are conveniently located nearby, while residents enjoy the healthful amenities offers by the small town community.

King of Prussia, PA

Just twenty miles from Philadelphia is the small community of King of Prussia, PA. Known for its vast shopping experience, King of Prussia offers an expansive retail complex filled with hundreds of shops and eateries. King of Prussia offers both new and old world charm, as the community is as historic as its namesake. Residents may enjoy the ambience of a small town environment combined with the convenience of living just a short distance from a major metropolis.

Montgomery County, PA

Known as a commuter suburb of Philadelphia, Montgomery County is an affluent location along the outskirts of the big city. Approximately 15 percent of the population of Montgomery County is over the age of 65 and while it may not be cheap to live there, the property taxes are considerably lower than Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. A large number of parks and recreational trails are found in the community, as well as the prestigious Haverford College that offers plays and concerts throughout the year.

New Hope, PA

Approximately one hour outside of the epicenter of Philadelphia, PA is the small town of New Hope, located along the Delaware River. This popular weekend getaway destination for city dwellers has become a hotspot for retirees who long for antique stores, high-end boutiques and art galleries on every corner of town. While the summertime offers water activities along the river, the Pocono Mountains take care of winter excursions and plenty of snow filled fun for the grandkids.

Newtown Square, PA

If money is no object than Newton Square, Pennsylvania may be just the small town you have been looking for. The area is filled with beautiful and full-service retirement communities and is just 15 miles from the hub of Philadelphia. Driving time is approximately 35 minutes to the epicenter of Philly. Newtown Square offers exquisite scenery with backdrops of mountains that showcase the four seasons unique to the area. Good healthcare is conveniently located nearby and residents can always find a tasty eatery or antique shop just a stone’s throw away.

Willow Valley - Lancaster, PA

Willow Valley is a retirement community located within close proximity to Philadelphia in a town called Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For those looking to escape the rat race of the metro and urban sprawls, yet not willing to give up the city amenities, have been enjoying the Willow Valley and Lancaster area for retirement. The beauty of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country combined with the simple life offered by Amish farms provides a landscape that can only be found in this area of the United States. Low cost of living, four distinct seasons and a convenient location make this area one of the best small towns around Philadelphia, PA.

York, PA

Located a little further from Philadelphia, approximately 100 miles, the town of York, Pennsylvania offers some of the most affordable housing in the state and is quickly becoming noticed by retirees from Philly and the nation’s capital. This small and central city offers cultural opportunities combined with a vibrant farmer’s market that takes place in the town’s buzzing little downtown. The county that York is positioned in also includes the small towns of Harrisburg and Lancaster, all of which offer a number of retirement communities. York has recently undergone a variety of urban renewal initiatives, some of which have established the community as an Artist Homestead. The area is attracting both working and retired artists from around the country to relocate to this eclectic small town.

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