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Best Small Towns Around Chicago IL

Chicago, IL is the third most populated city in the United States and the most populated city in the state of Illinois. Chicago is home to more than 2.7 million people. In addition, Chicago’s metro area is the 3rd largest in the United States, extending into the states of Indiana and Wisconsin. Outside of this large city are small towns that are perfect for retirement living.

Some of the Best Small Towns Around Chicago, IL
One of the most popular reasons that people choose Chicago as one of the best places to live is because of its beautiful architecture. In fact, two of the tallest towers in the United States are located in Chicago. Willis Tower, which used to be known as Sears Tower and Trump International Hotel and Tower are the two towers in Chicago. There are many famous architects who have left their mark on Chicago including Daniel Burnham, Zachary Taylor Davis, James Ingo Freed, Benjamin Marshall, Charles Murphy, and Louis Sullivan. In addition to architects, many famous authors and writers hailed from Chicago including Jack Canfield, Daniel Cohen, Michael Crichton, Roger Ebert, and Henry Blake Fuller.

You certainly can't beat Chicago's cuisine. Chicago even has its own hot dog called the Chicago style hot dog which is made with a Vienna beef hot dog, green relish, mustard, pickled peppers, tomato wedges, a pickle spear and celery salt. To live in the best small town near Chicago means that you get to experience the amenities of a large city and the quietness of a cozy town. Below are just a few of the small towns for retirees looking to live in the area of Chicago, IL.


Some of Best Small Towns Near Chicago, IL

1. Glenview, IL

Glenview is a small town that is located just 18 short miles north of Chicago. Glenview used to be called Northfield until the name Glenview was voted on in 1895. Glenview became incorporated in 1899. The Park is one of Glenview’s oldest and best neighborhoods. It was established in 1894 as one of the religious communities. The original church still stands today. The center of town called The Glen contains homes, businesses and shopping centers.

2. Oak Park, IL

Oak Park is one of the best towns near Chicago. It is adjacent to Chicago on the west side. There is easy access to Chicago from Oak Park by way of public transportation. There are several famous people who hail from Oak Park and its college prep school, Oak Park River Forest High School. They include Ray Kroc, found of McDonald’s and Ernest Hemingway. Oak Park is very rich in arts and culture.

3. Woodstock, IL

Woodstock is home to the famous Woodstock Opera House as well as Old McHenry County Courthouse. The town was the main location for the filming of the Movie Groundhog Day. In addition, a handful of scenes from the movie Trains, Planes and Automobiles were filmed in Woodstock. In 2007, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Woodstock one of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

4. Lake Bluff, IL

Lake Bluff is a nice, quaint town that is near the Great Lakes Navy Base. Lake Bluff used to be a railroad town and the town has a very haunted history. In fact, every other year, the Lake Bluff History Museum holds ghost walks to celebrate the haunted history of the town. Philip D. Armour who founded Armour and Company hails from Lake Bluff as does actor Mark Morenttini and singer Richard Marx.

5. Geneva, IL

Geneva a great small town located along the Fox River and is well-known for its many shops and restaurants. The Fox River Trail and the Illinois Prairie Path have extensive biking and walking trails. Geneva is rich in history and in downtown Geneva, at the Geneva History Center, there is the Fabyan Windmill. This windmill is an old Dutch windmill that is from the 1850’s. Back in the days, Geneva manufactured goods such as packed meat, milled grains, butter and cheese.

6. Long Grove, IL

Long Grove is located 35 miles northwest of Chicago. It is well known for its business district with downtown Geneva being home to 120 businesses. To protect the business district, there are strict rules on the size and use of all buildings, the paint color and signs that are hung. Geneva is also famous for its amazing shopping establishments.

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