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Best Towns and Cities in Boston MA Metro

Boston, Massachusets is one of the largest cities in the Northeastern United States. Boston, MA is host to top colleges, many successful and fortune 500 companies, and many different communities for the young, old, hip and anything in between. Though there is everything to love about the city of Boston, there are great small towns near Boston that offer different amenities and activities.

Boston is a town that is near the sea, so many of these neighborhoods offer water activities that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. Boston is also a city that has seen good economic growth, making the small towns on the outskirts of the city stable and capable of supporting new residents. Those who love the American Northeast cannot get any better than the many fruitful, historic towns near the city of Boston. Places to live near Boston, MA are in abundance and the best choice will depend on your personality.


Some of Best Small Towns Near Boston, MA

1. Rockport, MA

25 miles outside of Boston is the beautiful small port town of Rockport, MA. Rockport is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of this town is in the sea and ocean activities. Rockport has many beautiful, rocky beaches and ships that go out in search of lobster. Seniors would enjoy the easy beach living that Rockport has to offer. One notable point in Rockport is The Paper House. The Paper House is made entirely of paper, including the home and home furnishings. Seniors who are interested in art will enjoy the extremely active Rockport Art Association.

2. Concord, MA

No town is as steeped in history as the small town of Concord, MA. Nestled just outside of Boston, Concord is known as the hometown of many famous people in American history, such as Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Paul Revere performed his midnight ride that began the American Revolution through Concord, MA. Concord infrastructure still appears similar to older American history. Many seniors would love the many historical tours and homes in Concord, MA. This is one of the best neighborhoods to connect with American history. Concord is one of the prettiest towns in the northeast and is great for both seniors living alone and families who want to live in a gorgeous, American town together.

3. Newburyport, MA

Newburyport is about 35 miles outside of Boston and is a beautiful Coastal town. Newburyport’s appeal is mostly in the many coastal activities like sailing and visits to Plum Islands. There is a Coast Guard station that is near Newburyport and this station aids in overseeing any seaport activity. Newburyport has a variety of recreational trails for residents and tourists. This small town is a vibrant, exciting one for seniors who would like to spend their time being active in physical activities.

4. Gloucester, MA

The beautiful town of Gloucester is situated in Massachusetts' North Shore. This town is a nice seaside town, whose appeal is involved in the marine activities and marine life in the town. Gloucester, MA is famous for its seafood restaurants, which sell a variety of seafood delicacies. Gloucester also offered the foundation for the summer house that was decorated in American styles by one of the first American interior decorators. Gloucester is full of scenic beauty for people that would like to paint or sculpt the beautiful landscape.

5. Ipswich, MA

If you love seafood and enjoy dining out, the Ispwich, MA is the best town on the outskirts of Massachusets that you can possible fine. Ispwich is on the MTA line, and can easily be reached from the city and can transport residents to the city rather quickly. Ispwich is famous for its clams. Much of the tourism of the town is related to clams and the catching of clams. Ispwich has an annual clam festival that draws scores of crowds. If seniors are interested in a small town that has many seaside activities and can transport them to the big city regularly, this town is the best.

6. Marblehead, MA

The town of Marblehead is reachable by Boston transportation, but still has the small town feel that many people want and need. The town of Marblehead is the host to the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary. Seniors who enjoy nature will love living near a sanctuary that hosts many wild animals that are free to live among the beautiful scenery. Marblehead is also the city that boasts the birth of the United States Navy. Marblehead’s main appeal for seniors may be the yatching. Yatching as well as commercial fishing is one of the best shoreline activities of Marblehead. Marblehead is a great town for seniors who would like to live in a community with sea activities. Marblehead may also be great for senior communities of friends who are interested in spending their retirement leisure time living in a beautiful small town.

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