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Best Small Towns Are In Metros

Best Small Towns Around Austin TX

The state of Texas is the second largest state in the union and therefore holds many opportunities and promise for all individuals. No matter your personality, there is a town or city in Texas that will cater to your lifestyle. Many Texas towns have remained financially stable through times of economic crisis in the country. Texas also has no state income tax, which is excellent for retirees who live on a limited budget. The lower cost of living and the high action packed Texas towns make them great for many families and retirees. Towns near Austin, for instance offer many unique aminities.

There are a variety of small towns in Texas that are worth consideration as places to live during retirement. Austin, TX is the capital city of Texas, so if you are looking for better living, small towns near Austin are a great place to start.


Some of Best Small Towns Near Austin, TX

1. Kyle

Kyle, TX is a small town outside of Austin, TX with about 28,000 residents. The town itself is only around six square miles, which qualifies as a small, down home Texas town. For a small town, Kyle is very mixed. Around 50% of the population is families with children the rest of the town is composed of seniors and a mix of younger persons on their own. Kyle is 22 miles outside of the city limits of Austin and 50 miles away from San Antonio, so if you are interested in taking a day trip for shopping or sightseeing it is only an hour's drive away. Most people in Kyle, TX work in the Hays School district, so this is the perfect spot for retired school teachers to live who may want to still substitute.

2. Buda

The sleepy town of Buda, TX is extra small, with a population of around 2,400 persons; this is one of the smallest communities outside of Austin, TX. Buda is a small town for many workers who commute to Austin, TX on a weekly basis. One of the famous attractions of the town of Buda, TX is the Wiener Dog Races that happen on an annual basis. Retirees would find the town of Buda attractive because of this light hearted race and the overall familiar atmosphere of the town. Property values in Buda, TX are higher than they are in smaller central Texas towns, so seniors who move here are sure to receive more bang for their buck if purchasing property. Buda holds some of the best neighborhoods for small living.

3. Hudson Bend

Hudson Bend is a town that is a mere 16 miles away from the Texas capital, but is home to only over 2,000 individuals. Over 40% of the population is age 45 or older, making this a great town for older adults and retirement communities. Hudson Bend has RV parks which are an attraction for those inside and outside of the city. Many people enjoy Hudson Bend because of the beautiful Lake Travis. Jet skiing and boating are major attractions in the town of Hudson Bend and provide relaxing fun.

4. Manor

The city of Manor Texas is a part of the Austin-Round Rock area and is home to barely 5,000 people. The major motion picture, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was filmed in the town of Manor, TX. Manor, TX is famous for its outdoor recreation. Downtown Manor is the city center and hosts a farmers market, movies during the summer, and a park with a YMCA approved pool. Hiking trails and ponds can be found in abundance in Manor, TX and are well kept by the city. Manor, TX is one of the most perfect retirement towns in Texas for seniors who are looking for leisure activities they can do at their own pace.

5. Hutto

22 miles northeast of Austin is the town of Hutto. This town was originally occupied by only one slave and has grown to see a diverse population. The Golf Club at Star Ranch is the shining star of this town. This nice, quiet golf course and club house sit on a beautiful hill top in prairie land and host a variety of events. The team, The Round Rock Express is an affiliate of the Texas Rangers Baseball team and provides entertainment to those in the Hutto area. The Round Rock Express team plays games and offered tickets that are affordable along with convenient entertainment.

6. Lago Vista

Lago Vista is an exotic name for a town, but in reality, this town is a simple, small spot off Lake Travis outside of Austin. This Texas town is so small that the city actually declares itself to the closed on many national holidays. Lago Vista is host to the Air Power Museum which holds World War I pilot artifacts. This small town has its own airport, which has been used to aid the victims of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina. Though smaller in square miles, this town hosts two beautiful golf courses, full of wildlife and perfect scenery next to Lake Travis. Retirement among the natural beauty of Lago Vista and Lake Travis is the best retirement living.

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