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Small Towns Best For Retirement Living

The very rural counties may not be gaining population but the counties on the edges of major metro areas are booming, as baby boomer retire and move to a more desirable location for their retirement. With corona-virus there is more risks in living closer together, that’s why there is talk of people moving out of cities to the suburbs and smaller towns. Making this move even more desirable, the 55 Plus Community industry has figured out the best small towns are on the edges of metro areas across this country. These 55 plus communities are selling out fast and many times are the best selling communities of any type in the area.

55 Plus Communities in  Small Towns

Why move to a 55 plus community in a small town near you?

Within 100 miles of where I live now. This allows me to stay close to old friends and family. Aging in place. Many of these active adult communities are being located on the outskirts or easy reach of all large metro areas. Staying close to home in familiar locales. Boomers can find a suitable community without having to leave your current friends and associates, children and grandchildren. Some are employed in the area and can still maintain their job, full or part time.

Everything is right there. We have toured many Active Adult Communities in small towns, communities like Del Webb and Cresswind and others. These communities have large impressive club houses (activity centers) and the exterior amenities like soft ball field, bocce, pickleball and tennis courts, dog parks, walking trails and much more.

Change of Pace and Lifestyle. - These communities will allow you new experiences, new scenery, new activities while a living situation where all your fellow neighbors are practically at the same stage of life as you are and have similar backgrounds and share the same interests that you do.

Activities for the specific interests of active adults. They are called "Active" Adult Communities for a reason. The club house or as some call it the Amenities Center is the hub of organized and unorganized social activities.

Active Lifestyle - tremendous number of lifestyle amenities including indoor/outdoor pools, exercise programs and equipment , health and wellness programs, tennis courts, golf, walking trials with many acres set aside to be natural. And that is just outside. Indoors, there is full selection of indoor recreation, including crafts rooms and classes, arts, hobby shops, kitchen demo and cooking classes, theater groups, musical programs, and professional entertainment groups which regularly tour the communities.

Social. Activities do sound appealing and gives the opportunities to meet new friends of similar ages and interests. The proximity of the neighborhood makes get together easier. Active adult communities have an immediate sense of community. These communities have over 100 clubs and group for residents which is a great place to meet fellow residents and new friends.

Livable Home Designs. Flexible design options. They make houses better today. More comfortable, easier and safer for independent living for any age persons. Homes in active adult communities are built with livable designs in mind. This may be a pleasant change from your current home, which was build before such things were thought of. Building with the latest advances in materials and energy saving technology, systems in a new structure may provide trouble free service for many years. Yes it is possible to purchase a home without sacrificing quality, square footage or the other desirable features you currently enjoy while upgrading to a more livable home which is enjoyable, efficient and affordable. You are not downsizing to a lower lifestyle, just the opposite, which surprising a lot of people.

Livable Community Design Easy access to all common areas and to activities. Proximity to Shopping, Churches, Library. A full-service restaurant on property. It would nice to walk from my front door within a block and get coffee and breakfast. Gourmet dining within walking distance. If not on the property at least near the entrance.

Resort Settings. A scenic location and a neighborhood feel. Many have mountain, desert, river, lake or waterfront views. How you you like to live in a resort-designed community year round. Feel like you are on vacation all the time. Vistas and scenery can really add something especially when you can enjoy every day.

Safety and Security - Many active adult communities have a gated entrance and a security patrols. These communities are generally safer. Health facility are usually nearby as well as on-premise medical care.

Exciting New Concept. There is a new spirit and attitude about life for people in their 50's through 70's. Someone said "It is like going back to college again." You don't have to be retired, many pre-retirees are moving to these new active adult communities. By all accounts this concept is a winner. Active adult Communities' popularity is rising. Visit a community nearby and take a look yourself.
My Blog about living in a 55 Plus Community in a small town.

55+ communities also known as Active adult communities and age-restricted communities. Property types include single family homes, houses, condos, villas, town homes, cottage homes, golf villas, ranch condos and modular, manufactured or mobile homes.

Reasons to Move to a Small Town in their Words:

After moving to a small town I feel like a kid again. Life here is simple and less complicated. I love driving past the ball fields on a sunny day and seeing the kids playing. Reminds me of when I was young.” – William in Illinois

Retire to a small town on the edge of a large city and enjoy the amenities of the city and the lifestyle of
living in a small town.

Baby Boomers are entering a phase in their lives when people typically escape from urban/suburban centers in favor of small towns and rural areas. With corona-virus there are people moving out of cities to the suburbs and smaller towns. There are plenty of 55 Plus Active Adult Communities in small towns in AZ, GA, SC, FL and many more states. What an idea place to retire to!  If this pattern continues, it will mean a big shift of population, say the experts.

And as for the where to live - it's a question on practically every Baby Boomer's mind.

"I just got tired of living in the city," said a man who spent his entire career in Paris. "Just too much hassle. I'd rather visit occasionally than live there."

Our friend has moved to the country not far from here. He has set up a small woodworking shop in a garage and happily spends his time making chairs and tables. When his house is full of them, he'll probably have to give them to friends and relatives.

"It's much nicer living out here than in the city," says another friend. "And much cheaper. You can buy a whole house for half the cost of an apartment in town.and then you don't have to pay for can raise chickens and vegetables.and you can even heat with wood, if you want. You don't really have to spend much money at all.

"And the quality of life is higher. Small towns are more friendly. They're prettier.usually. They're easier. So they're perfect for people who are retired. - Bill Bonner,


Retirement Friendly Communities

If you are just looking for a retirement friendly community (non age qualified) in a small town, these are available too.  In resort areas there are residential communities with lots of retirees living full time, but be mindful that there may be lots of part-time residents too.  Also there are some Active Adult Communities which are not age qualified, some having multi generational sections in the community.

Another idea is move to a small town where there is a 55 plus community but buy a cheaper ranch instead. If there is a senior center and a park nearby, that would be a plus. A great idea is to rent a house first to give it a try for a year before you buy.  Listings of 55+ Homes For Rent and 55+ Homes For Sale mostly located in small towns.

Seasonal second homes and vacation homes can turn in to retirement homes and be a good place to retire.

Popular Small Towns for 55 Plus Communities

Top demand are for 55 plus retirement communities are in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee. Arizona and California are the home of the original 55+ Del Webb communities.

55 plus communities are springing up in the outskirts of these metro areas: Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, St. Petersburg FL, Charlotte, Tampa, Houston and many more areas.

Top 55 Plus Retirement Communities by State:


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