Retirement States Gain in 2010 Census

Retirement States Gain in Population

Some of the results of the 2010 Census was released today and one thing I noticed is the the best retirement states are the ones to gain in population.  So job transfers is not the driver these days, it’s gain from those retirees moving to a new retirement destination.

Overall the US population grew 9.7% in the last ten years.  That is down from a 13.2% gain in the previous 2000 census, but still a respectable gain.  By region the biggest gainers in population are the South at 14.3% and the Southwest at 13.8%.  By comparison the gain in the Northeast was only 3. 2%.

By state Arizona had 24.6%, Nevada 35.1%, Georgia 17.3%, Florida 17.6%,  South Carolina 15.3% gain in population the last 10 years.  These also happen to be the states that are popular retirement destinations.  Some have speculated that people are not moving for retirement anymore, however these numbers do not bear that out.