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I like the active adult community reviews by real people. The ones in Georgia give a good perpective of several communities. More so than the developers sites. - Legacy Review on Alexa

Small Towns For Retirement

Moving to a less dense metropolitan county is one of the more popular options. 55 community are springing up in in the Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, St. Petersburg, Charlotte, Tampa, areas.

Active-adult communities in suburban subdivisions whose residents are 55 or older contain livable home design features as master suites on main floors and easy accessibility, also optional house keeping and lawn maintenance that appeal to seniors and boomers who want to spend less time with these chores. These over 55+ communities also offer leisure activities geared to social interaction and also physical fitness. Property types include single family homes, houses, condos, villas, townhomes, cottage homes, golf villas, ranch condos and modular, manufactured or mobile homes, located in parks, subdivisions, villages, lake property, lifestyle community, waterfront, townships, small town, and cities, both rural, exurban, exurbia, suburan and urban. Remember, second homes and vacation homes can turn in to retirement homes. Best places to retire.

Rural counties gained population in the 1990s, a development that surprised demographers who dubbed it the "rural rebound." This movement continued in 2001 and after.

Military retirement communities are popular.

Top searches are for 55+ retirement communities in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee. Arizona and California are the home of the original 55+ Del Webb communities.

Most retirees actually stay put and want to live in their home as long as they can. They don't move when they retire and usually stay in the metro area, close to their familiar community and friends. Many stay active with a part time job. They make their current home more livable and retire in place.

If baby boomers follow migration patterns similar to those of their predecessors, the rural population age 55-75 will increase by 30% between 2010 and 2020, according to a report just published by U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service.

   Advantages of Small Towns

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Best Small Towns and Retirement Communities | Small Town Retirement

Small Towns under 50,000 in popluation.

Browse for Best Retirement - Active Adult Living - 55 Plus Communities and other housing types. Our listings of the best retirement communities in each state.

This site is a great resource for 55+ adults exploring the advantages of small town living. We display the best retirement towns. Get ready to start living the small town life you want and deserve.

There are exciting lifestyle options for the next phase of your life after age 55. We will help you to explore those options and point out the best of the great communities popping up around the country that can reshape your lifestyle. They offer numerous amenities, modern recreational facilities and activity centers, breathtaking surroundings and livable home designs that make active adult communities a great place to live and relax. - By Robert Fowler, Retirement Media Inc.

55 Plus Small Town Retirement Living

  Advantages of Retirement Communities
  Read about the Advantages of Active Adult Communities many of which are located in great small towns.

JOBS & Employment for 55 and Over

Jobs & Employment are important factors in deciding where they want to live. Retirement Jobs

Small Town Living

Retirement Communities for Small Town Living
These are some of the retirement communities in the best small towns across the US.

Condo living has become ever so popular for retirees in this country.

Small Towns To Retire To In North Carolina
There are many NC small towns that are attractive to live in that don't give up bigger city amenities just to have peace and quiet.

Livable Homes - Universal Design Features - These are things that make a home more livable, that is more comfortable, easier and safer for independent living.

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Low Income Apartments - Small Towns Draw Retirees

These are the top small towns for boomers 55+ persons are expected to retire & move to: * Dare County, NC * Forest County, Pa. * Graham County, NC * Highland County, Va. * Hinsdale County, Colo. * Jackson County, Colorado
* Jackson County, NC * Keweenaw County, Mich. * Lake County, Mich. * Mineral County, Colo. * Mono County, Calif. * Monroe County, Florida * Pocahontas County, W. Va. * Tillamook County, Ore. * Valley County, Idaho

After moving to a small town I feel like a kid again. Life here is simple and less complicated. I love driving past the ball fields on a sunny day and seeing the kids playing. Reminds me of when I was young.” – William in Illinois

Retire to a small town on the edge of a large city and enjoy the amenities of the city and the lifestyle of living in a small town.

Baby Boomers are entering a phase in their lives when people typically escape from urban/suburban centers in favor of small towns and rural areas. If this pattern continues, it will mean a big shift of population, say the experts.

And as for the where to live - it's a question on practically every Baby Boomer's mind.

"I just got tired of living in the city," said a man who spent his entire career in Paris. "Just too much hassle. I'd rather visit occasionally than live there."

Our friend has moved to the country not far from here. He has set up a small woodworking shop in a garage and happily spends his time making chairs and tables. When his house is full of them, he'll probably have to give them to friends and relatives.

"It's much nicer living out here than in the city," says another friend. "And much cheaper. You can buy a whole house for half the cost of an apartment in town.and then you don't have to pay for can raise chickens and vegetables.and you can even heat with wood, if you want. You don't really have to spend much money at all.

"And the quality of life is higher. Small towns are more friendly. They're prettier.usually. They're easier. So they're perfect for people who are retired. - Bill Bonner,

Free Listings of 55+ Homes For Rent and 55+ Homes For Sale most located in small towns. 55 Community Blog.