Rediscovering Passions In Retirement

Retirement Activities

Now that I am retired and have time, I am rediscovering some things I used to like to do that I have not done in say, 25 years.  Once of those things was to attend the European style Formula road races.  I guess it started when in 1972 I was taking leave from the Army (drafted in Jan 1970) while stationed in Germany.  I got my back back and sleeping bag and hit the road for 30 days to see Europe.  Well I just happened to be passing through Le Mans France when I noticed everyone getting off the train at that stop.  I follow them right in to the 24 Hour Le Mans race.  That’s when I got attracted to this type racing.  Back in Atlanta in the 1970s I started going to the same type races at Road Atlanta with my wife Mary Ann.  We even camped in the infield a couple of times.  Those were the days.

Then life happened and I was a professional accountant then real estate broker and didn’t have time for such.  I haven’t even thought about it for some time.  Now that I have more time, my friend Scott and I attended the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta last Fall.  It was great. We went in the paddock area and saw the Peugeots, Audis, and Ferraris up close.

So last weekend when Scott wanted to know if I would go to “The Mitty”, a historic sportscar show and race at Road Atlanta, I said sure.  I found out I was not the only boomer who likes this type racing.   Many of the guys racing were in their 50s and 60s.   They were really enjoying themselves, showing off their cars and then racing them. The gentleman in the photo above is Tony Adamowicz.  He was having his 69th birthday and came in second in his class driving a 1969 Eage MK5 Formula race car that he had won the championship with in 1969.

Many boomers were taking photos at the events.  We assumed one gentleman with several long lens cameras was a photo journalist, but he said was just doing it for himself.  He was not alone.  Then there were the boomer spectators like me, enjoying the sun and fresh air while walk around the massive grounds to see the race from several view points.

Rediscovering this passion from my earlier years is a delight.  I expect to do more rediscovering of the things I used to like to do as well as new adventures.