Best Arizona Places to Retire To

Arizona has some very good small towns to retire to.  If you know of any AZ town you like, please post a description here so we will all know about it. The more descriptive the better but even just a name will help and we can look in to more details.  Why do you like it   I have heard that some ghost towns around Arizona are being settled again by retirees. Anyone know of any of the towns that this is happening?

Of course Phoenix area with the Sun City and other active adult communities is a great retirement draw. Tucson also has a number of active adult communities. Arizona certain appeal to retirees.

South Carolina Small Towns

South Carolina has many interesting small towns and places to live away from the city.  Please leave give us your assessment of the area.  Places like:

Myrtle Beach – Grand Strand SC, Georgetown, Charleston, Hilton Head

Aiken has mild Winters and is horse country. Summerville, Columbia, Cheraw, South Carolina to name a few.

I personally like Greenville SC and their wonderful downtown with Reedy River Park and the walkable Main Street with great restaurants and shops.

What towns in South Carolina do you have an interest in or knowledge about.  Please share your comments.

Best Small Towns

Is there really any one best small towns list.  I don’t think so.  It would be different for each person.  How I plan to post links to several of these Best Small Towns to live in articles as I run across them.