Retirement Homes With Pizazz.

I recently tour the 10 model homes set up in the  Levitt & Sons new Active Adults 55 Plus communities on Lake Lanier in Northeast Georgia.  A number of features were impressive and nice to see all in each home. Each was decorated with dazzling style, even flamboyance. 

Besides the furnishing, they were build with the livable designs in mind, those things that make a home more livable, that is more comfortable, easier and safer for independent living. These were nice!

Most were ranch style homes (one level) with no steps.  A deck or screened porch is also a nice feature when you are spending a lot of time at home. This gives up a place to go outside the normal living space to breathe some fresh air and get a change of pace.

Several have finished basements suites to die for!  One had a large bar, pool table, game table, and full bath and bedroom for guests. Some had a full media room complete with stadium chairs. These terrace levels didn’t look like a basement at all. They had nice Berber carpet, recessed lightening, and colorful walls trimmed expertly. Bay and other windows gave plenty of lights and visuals to the outside.

The back yards had fireplace, sitting groups, gazebo and professional landscaping.

Interior floor plans include the open kitchen, an extra room or two that could be used as a den family room, or office.

These active adult communities really are offering up some attractive features that us baby boomers will appreciate.

Robert Fowler


Today let’s look at the financial costs to retirement relocation that needs to be considered if you are pondering the question whether to stay put or to move to greener pastures when you retire.

 Cost of housing is a factor, maybe one of the largest, if you need to keep an eye on your nest egg. And who doesn’t?  I wouldn’t think many most people would relocate from a less expensive area to a more expensive area.  Unless it is to a resort area maybe. Consider how much you can get your current home and properties if you are an owner.  More than one person says it is a great idea to rent first in the new location, just to see if it going to work out for you.  If you buy right away before learning the area and then need to move, then the property selling expenses could be a huge expense.

Proximity to family and friends.  This certainly is a major consideration, if not financially, then for other obviously reasons. This could proximity to children, which is the case many times, or proximity to a parent(s).  One second thought, I guess there is a financial considerations with the cost of travel for visits, having to hire a nurse or sitter in case of medical emergencies when you can’t be close. etc.  Phone expense and Internet are both so cheap these days it is not a big consideration.  Having relatives close by to help you out on occasion says you money too. 

General Cost of Living:   You can get this info from the Census web site.  On your visits to scout out the new area you will observe how the routine daily expenses compare to your current location.  Local sales tax levels come in to play here as well.

State and location property taxes:  If you buy, then this should be looked at.  In California, you may loose a great tax benefit if you move.   In the new location, do they have any senior discounts?

State and local Income Taxes:  This has traditional been a major factor in relocation to Florida and other states with no state income taxes. However now many states have tax benefits for seniors.  Georgia has an exclusion of $25,000 per person for retirement income at age 62 and proposing eliminating all state income taxes at age 65.  Other states as well.

Weather and utility cost: Compare average utility costs and which utilities are needed.

Many other factors to consider are the culture and entertainment available and associated costs.  Click the title above and post your comment.